Stats - numbers and facts about Adam and Sara

baby stats

Progress chart for discharge - updated Saturday, May 30
These are the criteria each baby must meet in order to go home.

Criteria Adam
(as of 5/30/09)

Sara - DISCHARGED 5/15/09
Keep my temperature between 97.6 and 99.0 in open crib for 1-2 days
Nipple all 8 of my bottles (100%) for 2 days (16 total, by rules, but can be waived
Has completed 10 at 100%, 6 to go.
Gain weight consistently over 48 hours
Waiting for next weigh-in since moving into open crib
Have no alarms (apnea or bradycardia) in the last 24 hours that require someone to touch me to correct my alarm
Has had no bradys since Wednesday morning!
Sit in my car seat/bed for 90 minutes without having any alarms or drop in my oxygen level (desaturation)
Took 2 tests in one day due to recording setup error in first test. PASS!